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Grand Haven Mid-Century Modern


Lake Michigan Residential


Grand Haven, Michigan



Design Team

John Allegretti & Michael DeLong


James Yochum

2050 sq. ft. two-story home with walk-out basement, sustainable home awaiting confirmation of Platinum LEED for Homes rating from USGBC/GBCI.

The Owners of a home that had been consumed by the moving dunes of Lake Michigan wanted a home that would not only stand the test of aesthetic time,  but survive the vicissitudes of the environment.


With the assistance of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality as well as the consulting civil engineer and the City of Grand Haven Zoning Department, a soil stabilization site plan was developed based on raising the new home’s main floor elevation by almost three feet, implementing erosion studies, screen walls and planting indigenous, drought tolerant xeriscaping. The screen walls, as well as the low profile of the home and the use of sand trapping Marrum beachgrass all help to create a wind shadow buffer around the home and reduce blowing sand erosion and accretion. Stair, multi-function office/den/bedroom, bath, storage, and laundry area are located on the lower level.

The Owners wanted to minimize the stylistic baggage which consumes most “cottage” residences, and with the Architect created a home with simple lines focused on the view and the natural environment. Sustainable energy requirements on a budget directed the design decisions regarding the SIPs panel insulation, energy systems, roof shading, other insulation systems, lighting and detailing. Easily constructed and linear, the home harkens back to mid-century modern pavilions with present day environmental sensitivities and harmony with the site.

Circulation spaces took on an extra dynamic by becoming borrowed space for closets, laundry, pantry and bathrooms increasing the compactness of the home and reducing overall square footage and cost.


Additional points were achieved from LEED through public awareness, publicity and educational programs. The owners and our firm believe this will be a seminal home in the area and will have a positive environmental influence on the direction of local housing. The homes design, quality, and functionality are the result of a strong cooperative team approach between the owner, contractor and architect.

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