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Reflected wave patterns dance on the low sloped upper wood ceiling while presenting a modest low-profile street parti. The side entry garage dissolves into a trellised entry progression, creating movement through the light and shadows. The main level entry, kitchen, dining, living, large bedroom and bath, laundry, stair, elevator, half bath and garage are anchored by and pinwheel off the central fireplace.

The palette of materials consists of naturally finished douglas fir beams, decking, trim and doors, ponderosa pine windows, bamboo and limestone flooring, no V.O.C. painted drywall and thin cut bluestone. All adhesives and sealants are low V.O.C. Insulation is R-50 roof, R-30 wall, R-10 rigid insulation on foundation walls, and designer series windows with integral shades R-16. The entry includes a rain garden and the site is xeroscaped with indigenous species no-mow grasses. The roof is standing seam metal over speclam panels. Exterior walls are STO cement stucco. The fascias and exterior trim are composite board.


Magician Lake Residence

Magician Lake
Dowagiac, Michigan

Seeking the collective dream of a multigenerational family, this universally designed home responds to the similarities and differences inherent between generations. Sited on the Southeastern shore of Magician Lake, a sand-bottomed pristine lake in southwestern Michigan, this home responds to the owner’s program by creating levels and wings around a central gathering place where panoramic views are enhanced by the homes diagonal orientation engaging multiple views of the water.